jeudi 27 septembre 2007


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nazzareno a dit…

Tout paysage, visa de loin, devient beau et naturel. Même un parking devient une broderie sur le terrain... :D

Cuckoo a dit…

Oh I liked your blog very much !!!
Adding this to my list, I mean bookmarking it.

Just one question. What template are you using ? Looks like one column.
Even I wanted something like this.

hpy a dit…

Thanks for your visit Cuckoo, and welcome again. You asked me which template I use. It's minima blue, but I've modified it a bit in order to be able to post larger photos. Don't ask me how, I have no idea! All I know is that I played a little with the HTML codes until the result was satisfactory enough for what I wanted.

Liisa a dit…

Nyt ne sumut ovatkin siellä!

claude a dit…

Heusement que Nazzareno me souffle le truc, car je me demandais ce que je voyais et pensais bien à des voitures. J'aime bien les feuilles an premier plan.

Neda a dit…

Votre blog est un tour de force. I love your images and the crisp rendering of your world.. I can read your name too :)

Bravo et continuez a nous enchanter!